Steve (schnappy101) wrote,

Washington State Voters

Hello Friends-who-are-still-in-WA~

Are you a Democrat?  Of course you are, I don't think I have any Republican friends.  None that I know about, anyway.
Are you planning on voting in Washington's primary/caucus?  I sure hope so.
But which one?  That's right, WA dems have a Caucus this Saturday AND a primary vote on the 19th.
ONLY THE CAUCUS WILL COUNT.  That's right, if you want your vote to actually mean something for the race, YOU HAVE TO CAUCUS this Saturday.  Delegates (for Dems only) will NOT be awarded for the Feb 19th vote.  So that ballot you got in the mail?  WORTHLESS.  Find your caucus location and go on Saturday.  It's fun, I swear. 
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