Steve (schnappy101) wrote,

Another Excuse to Drink

When I think about it, all of my favorite Holidays are essentially meaningless excuses to drink heavily; St Patrick's day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.

Dewar's is currently heavily promoting a new Holiday with much the same effect; Repeal Day. December 5th, 2007 is the 75th Anniversary of the passing of the 21st Amendment (which repealed the 18th, Prohibition of Alcohol). Normally I would be against a corporation creating a holiday where there was none before, but this is something I can get behind - the date is not arbitrary, and it makes sense that a purveyor of alcohol would be behind it. Also, it has the potential certainly to grow beyond the control of its creators and become a day to push for the repeal of other prohibitions (war on drugs).

So, I say thanks to Dewar's, for having the courage to give me another reason to get wasted on a Wednesday! Hooray!
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