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I'm going to post here three links (that I already posted in Facebook) about Barack Obama which tell precisely why I think he should be the Democratic nominee for President.  I hope you all read them.  I really think the reason the polls don't show much support for Obama at the moment is simply that his style isn't brief enough for sound-bites on the news.  So, read them, think about it, feel free to comment (though I'm not going to get into any debates on livejournal).  The primaries are finally coming up, just 2 more months.

Andrew Sullivan's Atlantic Monthly Cover Story

A much shorter post on Sullivan's blog

A NY Times Magazine piece by James Traub
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That Atlantic article by Andrew Sullivan is a good one. He was actually just on NPR On Point with a couple other people discussing Obama's candidacy. One of the other guests had a comment that stuck in my mind, and after a while I realized I couldn't argue with it. To paraphrase:

I am sure we are going to be attacked again, and I worry about how we will handle it. I'm terrified of having a president who is so entrenched in the blue camp or the red camp that they can't bring the country back together after that happens. I'm terrified of Hillary and Guliani and every other major candidate except Barak, because I think he is the only one who has any chance of bridging the left-right gap instead of making it worse.