Steve (schnappy101) wrote,

Comments on Newshour

Watching PBS Newshour w/ Jim Lehrer.  Using the internet for publicizing some thoughts.

Fareed Zakaria, an editor at Time and really bright guy, was debating Norman Podhoretz, a classic grumpy old neo-con, about the reasoning and likelihood of bombing Iran.

I'm really glad I got to see these two directly debate.  It was smart and entertaining.

They're both wrong.

The new President-elect of Argentina, who is also the current First Lady of Argentina, is a total FOX.
A lot of people are comparing her to Hillary Clinton - former First Lady and Senator, first (possible) female President (elected female prez in the case of Cristina Fernandez Kirchner - we all know about Eva Peron, thanks Madonna), etc.
The difference is that, apparently, Hillary is much more moderate.
And, if I might add, the Argentinian President-elect is way hotter than HRC.
Seriously, check her out.
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